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Products List

Shenzhen Acre-Motor Co.,LTD, professional manufacturer of conventional AC / DC motor, gear-box motors, brushless DC motors,stepping motors, coreless motors and so on.We can also develope and design the special specifications of motors according to clients' demands.

Our products are widely used in home appliances, power tools, health care, gaming and model aircraft, equipment for cell phone and audio-visual, etc.. Performance for all the goods have met or exceeded similar enterprises and the National technique standard which enjoy wide popularity in the domestic & oversea market such as Germany, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong...etc. And we slao have won the high praise from them.

Our service tenet: focusing on specialization, seeking for greater perfection, clients supremacy, realistic and trustworthy..

(Quality) Our staff unite as one to technically keep making progress, innovation, the constant improvement in the pursuit of technology, vying for the leader of the professional field,as we believe,this is our first lifeline .
(Service) Clients are the life blood and the core foundation of our cause. The basic objective of our work is to meet the needs of customers. Our pursuit is the common success with clients..
(Credibility) Credibility is the source of our sustainable development. We promise to have genuine quality and service to establish our credibility. Keeping faith is the strong cornerstone of our long-term development.

We enthusiastically look forward to the mutually beneficial cooperation with you from now on!




China Office: Shenzhen Acre Motor Industrial Co;Ltd

Contact: Burton? ? ? ?TEL: +86-755-23729159? ? ? ?FAX: +86-755-23729152

E-mail:? acre@acre-motor.com;? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

Add: 5/F,Block A,Zhigu Technology Park,Yintian Road,Xixiang Street,Baoan District ,Shenzhen,China? ? ? POST CODE: 518103

Hk ADD: Flat C 23/F Lucky Plaza 315-321 Lockhart Road Wan Chai Hk

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